The Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020: Targeted Consultation on the Implementation Plan

Closed 31 Mar 2017

Opened 1 Mar 2017


Australian National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2020

The Strategy was released by the Australian Government Minister for Health on 13 November 2015. The Strategy outlines seven high-level goals with potential areas for action and measures of progress. The goals and potential areas for actions and measures of progress have guided the directions set out in this Implementation Plan.

The development of the Strategy incorporated feedback from public consultation (both face-to-face and web-based) and the advice of the National Diabetes Strategy Advisory Group and supporting experts. 

Implementation Plan

In early 2016, an Australian National Diabetes Strategy Implementation Working Group (IWG) was established under the Community Care and Population Health Principal Committee of the Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council. The purpose of the IWG was to operationalise each of the Strategy’s goals through development of an Implementation Plan that will recommend ways to direct funding in a cost-effective and sustainable way to agreed actions over the life of the Strategy.

Further information on the development of the Strategy and Implementation Plan is available at 

Using this Implementation Plan

The Implementation Plan should guide the Australian, state and territory governments in planning, funding and implementing action to improve the health of all Australians, specifically to prevent people developing diabetes and/or minimising the risks of complications associated with diabetes.

The priority actions identified in the Implementation Plan are intended to complement initiatives already underway across all sectors, and do not address all of the potential areas for action listed within the Strategy. They highlight areas of action that are of high importance, or where there are identified gaps within currently delivered programs and services.

Why your views matter

This targeted consultation is seeking feedback on the draft Implementation Plan, specifically relating to the direction of future work.

Online survey

The online survey contains 43 questions divided into the following:

  • Section A: Demographics
  • Section B: Direction of future work for Goals 1-7
  • Section C: Final comments 


  • It is not compulsory to answer every question (except Question 3).

  • It is necessary to provide your email address at Question 3 and if applicable, the details of the organisation you represent (Question 4). A response to all other questions is optional.

  • If you wish to leave a section blank, click ‘continue’.

  • Please keep your responses concise – word limits are provided.

  • References to research or literature can be included; however please do not reproduce published content in your response.

  • Responses should be directly entered into the text field for each question – copying and pasting information from other documents may result in formatting issues and lost information. Please note: Information can be saved and edited at any time prior to submitting your response.

  • The survey may be completed over more than one session.  Please retain your login details if you wish to complete the survey at a later time.

  • A PDF of the survey is attached for your convenience to use as a template to complete either as an individual or to collate an organisation’s response. You will need to then enter your response into the online survey.

Contact details

If you have any questions, please email your enquiry to

What happens next

Your response is being provided to the Australian Government Department of Health to inform the finalisation of the Implementation Plan.

The responses received to this online consultation process may be made available to members of the Implementation Working Group, Secretariat and designated experts who are contributing to the finalisation of the Implementation Plan.
Please note: All responses will be treated as confidential, and no personally identifying information from your response will be released.

Your email address is mandatory to allow a PDF of your response to be automatically emailed to you after you submit your response. Your email may also be used to inform you when the Implementation Plan is publicly released.  


  • Non-government organisations
  • State government agencies
  • Health professionals
  • Health workforce


  • Policy Development