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  • Volunteers in aged care survey

    Do you volunteer or work with volunteers in the aged care sector? Take part in our volunteering survey. Volunteers are an important part of the aged care system freely giving their time, companionship, care, and support. As part of the Australian Government’s response to the Royal...

    Closed 26 May 2023

  • IAEA DS525 Chemistry Programme for Water Cooled Nuclear Power Plants

    ARPANSA coordinates comments on behalf of Australia on IAEA draft documents. The IAEA is seeking comments from their member states on a new draft IAEA Safety Guide – DS524 Radiation Protection Aspects of Design for Nuclear Power Plants What is the purpose of the guide? The object of the...

    Closed 20 May 2023

  • Review of the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas: Manufacturers and Importers Agreement (MAIF Agreement)

    We are seeking feedback to inform the Review of the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formulas: Manufacturers and Importers Agreement (MAIF Agreement). The MAIF Agreement is a voluntary, self-regulatory code of conduct between manufacturers and importers of infant formula products in...

    Closed 12 May 2023

  • Prostheses List Reforms - Consultation paper No 6a - Proposed Listing Criteria

    The purpose of this paper is to provide additional information about the listing criteria that are proposed to apply for medical devices and human tissue products to be included in the Private Health Insurance (Medical Devices and Human Tissue Products) Rules. We ask that stakeholders...

    Closed 1 May 2023

  • Prostheses List Reforms - Consultation Paper No 6b - Proposed New Cost Recovery Legislation

    The purpose of this consultation paper is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to understand, in greater detail, the proposed cost recovery arrangements related to the renamed Prostheses List which are planned to commence on 1 July 2023. This includes details related to legislative changes...

    Closed 1 May 2023

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

The Department of Health and Aged Care (Department) asked for your views and input on the draft aim, outcomes and actions in the consultation draft Nurse Practitioner Workforce Plan (the Plan). The draft Plan was released for stakeholder feedback from 19 December 2022 to 10 February 2023.

Targeted meetings were also held during this time to seek feedback from stakeholder organisations. Yarning circles and a consumer focus group were also held to test the actions within the draft Plan to ensure they are realistic, implementable and well received by both First Nations peoples and consumers.

Feedback received during the consultation process is being used to refine and inform the final Plan.

You said

In total, 215 submissions were received, comprising of 172 online survey responses, 25 written submissions via email, 15 targeted stakeholder meetings, 1 consumer focus group and 2 yarning circles.

The mix of responses from consumers, nurse practitioners, health professionals and organisations provided a comprehensive understanding of how the aim, outcomes and actions of the Plan were received. Feedback on improving the draft Plan was constructive with suggestions to refine language and review the action’s timeline. Whilst many responses were focused on the barriers to nurse practitioners providing care, the Department received useful suggestions for refining the draft Plan.

We did

The Department undertook analysis of the online submissions (including survey and written responses) using the Citizen Space application in February 2023. The data from online and written submissions was further analysed simultaneously with stakeholder feedback from meetings, yarning circles and focus groups. This involved coding the qualitative responses for feedback on key themes and creation of analysis notes to further refine the consultation draft. 

Stakeholder feedback captured is being used to refine the Plan and ensure the actions address key nurse practitioner workforce challenges. Suggestions proposed during this round of consultation will be considered by the Nurse Practitioner Steering Committee and used to develop a final version of the Plan for approval by Government. 

We asked

For your feedback on the goals, principles, and priority areas of the draft National Tobacco Strategy 2022-2030 (the Strategy). We appreciate the diverse perspectives, experiences and knowledge of all stakeholders and interested members of the community and their contribution to the final Strategy.

You said

We received 515 submissions, from peak health bodies, businesses, academics, clinicians and members of the public. You said that reducing the rates of tobacco use in Australia is important, and the Strategy is key to informing how this is achieved. The Strategy must set the direction for future tobacco control activities in Australia.

All submissions are now available on the consultation page.

We did

Reviewed and analysed the feedback to strengthen the Strategy. The new National Tobacco Strategy is expected to be finalised in 2023 pending endorsement from Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

We asked

For your views and input on the draft domains and capabilities in the draft National Rural and Remote Nurse Generalist Framework (the Framework), that describe the unique context of practice and core capabilities for remote area nursing practice, and rural nursing practice.

You said

In 157 submissions, from peak health bodies, organisations, businesses and clinicians, that this Framework is significant for rural and remote area nursing, health services and the health of communities.  There were a number of expert recommendations across various submissions, together with various commendations on the draft presented. 

We did

Review and analyse the feedback, which has strengthened the Framework.  A report on the public consultation feedback is available on the consultation page.  We appreciate the great insight and expertise shared with the Framework Steering Committee during this public consultation phase and anticipate the final Framework will be released in late 2022.