2023 Influenza Vaccination Reporting for Aged Care Service Staff and Residents

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Closes 29 Feb 2024


Who needs to report?

  • Residential Aged Care Services – residents and staff
  • Multi-Purpose Services – residents and staff
  • Transition Care Program services delivered in a residential aged care setting – residents and staff
  • Short-Term Restorative Care services delivered in residential aged care settings – residents and staff
  • Home Care Package services – staff only

What needs to be reported?

The number of residential aged care residents, where applicable, and all aged care staff who have voluntarily informed aged care providers they received an influenza vaccination in 2023.

In addition, please report the number of staff who have voluntarily informed aged care providers they have not received an influenza vaccination in 2023, including whether they received an exemption from mandatory influenza vaccination requirements that may have been in place in the relevant state or territory. If a staff member reports an exemption from vaccination, advice on the nature of that exemption is also required e.g. medical exemption.

For staff who work across multiple services, please only report against the one Outlet ID, in the same way you have been reporting worker COVID-19 vaccinations through the portal.

Reporting on exemptions for residents is not required