Prostheses List Apply Public Beta Survey

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Closes 6 Apr 2023


1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
3. What is your organisation?
4. How was your experience with logging into the Health Products Portal (HPP) testing environment?

Logging into the Health Products Portal

5. Did you register an organisation within the HPP? Do you have any feedback on registering an Organisation within the HPP?

Register an organisation

6. What was your first impression of the services page? ​What features or options could we use to make your experience better?

Services page

7. Within the Application details page, were the questions clear and was there any information you would like to enter that you were unable to?

Application details page

8. How did you find navigating through the pages of the application?

Application Pages

9. Within the Application Contact Details page, were the questions being asked clear?

Application Contact Details page

10. Within the Product Details page, were the questions being asked clear, and did you complete the sections in any particular order?

Product Details page

11. Within the Product details page, when adding a device, was the navigation user friendly?

More information

12. Within the Estimated utilisation page, were the questions being asked clear?

Estimated utilisation page

13. Within the Supporting documents page, how did you find uploading documents and did you attempt to upload large files? ​If yes, how was your experience?​

Supporting Documents

14. Within the Declaration page, Did you download the application summary? If yes, what were your thoughts on the application summary?

Declarations Page

15. Did you access the guidance materials provided such as the Quick Reference Guide, or Knowledge Based articles? If yes, ​what were your thoughts on the information provided?

Knowledge Base Article

16. Is the anything else that you would like to tell us?