Prostheses List Reforms - Consultation Paper 2(a) - Modernisation of Part B of the Prostheses List

Closed 4 Mar 2022

Opened 11 Jan 2022


The Department of Health - Prostheses List Reforms Taskforce invites submissions in relation to proposed improvements to the Private Health Insurance (PHI) Prostheses List (PL) as approved by Government and reflected in the 2021-2022 Federal Budget.

The Prostheses List reforms - Consultation Paper No 2 concerns amendments to Part B of the PL, and it will be presented in two parts: 

1- The present paper (2a) reflects the design stage of the reforms to Part B of the PL. It presents the current structure of Part B and puts forward ideas to improve this section in line with the changes that will apply to the rest of the Prostheses List.

This is your opportunity to put forward your ideas on how Part B should work and provide us with your particular point of view.

Consultation Paper No 2(a) will be open for consultation from 11 January to 4 March 2022.  It is suggested you read Consultation Paper No 2 (a) in conjunction with Consultation Paper No 3 - A modernised fit-for-purpose listing process.

2- Once we receive your comments, ideas and concerns, the Taskforce will present you with Consultation Paper No 2(b) in the second quarter of 2022. This subsequent paper will pose specific questions for consultation.


Follow the link on this page to upload your submission in the Consultation Hub.

For internal data collection, you will be required to disclose some basic personal details, the name of the organisation you represent (if any) and the PL stakeholder sector you belong to. This information will allow us to monitor interest from different sectors and ensure the feedback we base our plan on is balanced and reflect the interest of the Australian consumers. 

Submissions to this consultation will not be published.


CORRECTION: On page 9 of the consultation paper it refers to Donate Life ACT as one of three tissue procurement organisations. Please note their extended tissue program has ended. However, the intention of the graph, which is to illustrate a process, remains unchanged.

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Submissions to this consultation will not be published


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