National Strategy for Organ Donation, Retrieval and Transplantation Consultation

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Closes 3 Jul 2022


The survey is divided into 8 parts which reflect the structure of the Strategy.

The survey sections and the number of questions include:

  • Section 1. Privacy information and administrative questions
  • Section 2. Overview
  • Section 3. Priority Area 1
  • Section 4. Priority Area 2
  • Section 5. Priority Area 3
  • Section 6. Priority Area 4
  • Section 7. PDF submission upload
  • Section 8. Additional Comments 

If you wish, you can complete the survey in stages by using the 'Save and come back later' button. You will then be asked to provide an email address. A unique link will be emailed to you that will allow you to return where you left off. Email addresses entered for this purpose are not saved with your responses to the survey.

Section 1 are ‘required’ questions and will need to be completed before you can submit a response.

Sections 2 through to 8 are 'optional' in terms of providing a response.

This public consultation will be open for a period of 6 weeks. You are invited to complete the survey and/or provide a submission by 11.59PM on Sunday 03 July 2022.

A response document may also be submitted as a PDF at Section 7 of the survey.

If you have any questions in relation to the consultation process, please contact the secretariat via email at

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?
If you enter your email address then you will automatically receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your response.
3. What is your organisation?
4. What state or territory in Australia do you reside?
5. Are you providing a submission as a representative of an organisation/department?
6. If you answered yes to Question 5, what organisation/department are you representing?
7. What category best describes your organisation/department?
8. What is your position within the organisation or department you are representing?