Request for Revalidated Service

Closes 1 Jul 2026

Important Information

A voucher entitles a program client to a set range of subsidised services. In rare situations a client may need a service that has already been used on their voucher. If requirements are met, providers can request a Revalidated Service. A service provider should only submit a request to revalidate a specific service if the client’s circumstances have changed significantly and this service is required before their current voucher expires.

A request for a Revalidated Service will only be processed if all mandatory fields (marked with 'Required') are completed and submitted, including any required evidence.

Practitioners must select the most appropriate reason and indicate the service item they intend on claiming. There are two reasons for requesting a Revalidated Service:

  1. Reason A – Reassessment is required due to a significant deterioration in hearing (thresholds have permanently deteriorated by 15dB or more at two or more frequencies between 500Hz and 4000Hz in at least one ear).
  2. Reason B – Client is eligible for refitting under the Eligibility Criteria for Refitting (ECR)  guidelines and a device fitting has already been claimed against the current voucher.

Revalidated Services are only allowed when the legislative requirements have been met and the request approved by the program, prior to the service being provided and claimed. Requests for a Revalidated Service due to exceptional circumstances cannot be approved.

Documentation Checklist

Please ensure you have the following documentation ready to upload as you complete your application:

Information required for Reason A

  • Results of the previous audiogram
  • Results of a recent audiogram/screening test
  • Tympanometry results if bone conduction testing was not completed.

Information required for Reason B

  • Claim item number to be claimed
  • ECR under which you are refitting
  • Clinical justification for the refit
  • Evidence to support the refit

Note that there will be accompanying information to assist you with completing your application as you progress. You will be able to save your application and return to it at a later time.

Any enquiries on completing the application form should be directed to the email or on 1800 500 726.