Contracted Service Provider Self Assessment Tool (SAT) - 2022

Closed 11 Dec 2022

Opened 6 Oct 2022


Contracted Service Providers (providers) are responsible for ensuring their compliance with the requirements of the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (the program).

The Self Assessment Tool (SAT) is a compulsory, annual, online questionnaire for providers to check compliance with the contractual and legislative requirements of the program (refer to the current Service Provider Contract (the contract), clause 16.8). The SAT assists providers to review their policies and procedures and reduce the risk of non-compliance under the Hearing Services Administration Act 1997 (the Act), the Hearing Services Program (Voucher) Instrument 2019 (the instrument), the contract and the Schedule of Service Items and Fees (the schedule), and indicates where action is required to support continuous quality improvement. Links to download the above documents are at the bottom of the page.

The SAT consists of questions regarding practitioner qualifications, policies and procedures, client records management, and service and claiming requirements.

A summary report, compiled from de-identified data, will be published on the program website in early 2023.

What happens next

The 2022 SAT process has now closed.

If you did not submit your SAT by the close date, please contact the program via email on

A report on the outcomes of the 2022 SAT process will be published on the program website by early 2023.


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