Consultation Draft - National Initial Assessment and Referral for Mental Healthcare

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Closes 14 Dec 2021


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3. What is your organisation?
4. Are the general instructions for rating the domains and overarching rules for rating clear? If not, why, and how can clarity be improved?
5. Do the initial assessment domains consider the key elements that you think should be considered when informing a decision about mental healthcare treatment need and service intensity for children and adolescents? If not, what else should be included?
6. The IAR Decision Support Tool is designed to guide clinical decisions but does not replace clinical judgement. Is the role of clinical judgement clear? If not, how could this be made clearer?
7. The Levels of Care provide advice on the clinical services and supports likely to be required at each level of care. Should any of the levels be modified, or any additional clinical services and supports be included? If so, which ones and why?
8. Standard assessment tools can help to build certainty in assessment and are included in the IAR Guidance as optional additional tools to use – but are not mandatory. Are the standard assessment tools included in the IAR Guidance sufficient and appropriate? Should other standard assessment tools relevant to the domains be included? If so, which ones and why?
9. Do you anticipate any issues (e.g., implementation, acceptance, uptake) to be faced by users (e.g., referrers, services, etc.) with the introduction of new versions of IAR for children and adolescents?
10. What resources and supports do you anticipate you, or your service, will require to implement the IAR Guidance and Decision Support Tool?
11. Are you aware of existing activities at the local, regional, state, or national level wherein this work should be integrated or linked with the National IAR project? If yes, please outline.
12. Please feel free to include any additional feedback or comments on the consultations drafts.