Pharmacy Trial Program

Closed 29 Apr 2016

Opened 17 Mar 2016


The Australian Government recognises the important role that the pharmacy profession can play in primary care and in improving patient health outcomes.

Primary health care plays an important role in broader population health.  Primary health care providers, whether general practitioners, allied health professionals, Aboriginal health workers, nurses, pharmacists or other providers all play an important role in health promotion, prevention of chronic disease, risk assessment and early intervention, ongoing treatment and broader management of patient health. 

Effective care can offer improved health outcomes for patients, in terms of delaying complications associated with poor health status and chronic disease, avoiding hospital admissions, and meeting local needs in a way that promotes a patient centric approach to care. 

Under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (Sixth Agreement), $50 million has been allocated for a Pharmacy Trial Program (PTP).  The PTP will trial new and expanded community pharmacy programs which seek to improve clinical outcomes for consumers and/or extend the role of pharmacists in the delivery of primary healthcare services through community pharmacy.  These trial programs will be rigorously evaluated by an independent health technology assessment (HTA) committee.

Why your views matter

The Australian Government has committed, through the Sixth Agreement, to an open and transparent consultation process to establish programs to be trialled through the PTP.   Please see the attached Discussion paper which outlines the Department's approach to the consulation process for the PTP.

This 'Call for Ideas' process invites stakeholders to outline any ideas they may have for new pharmacy services and programs and will help determine priority areas for trial programs for consideration under the PTP by the Department of Health and the Government.

What happens next

Responses will be processed by the Department of Health to form themes and will be provided to the Australian Government for consideration.



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