Public Consultation on Diabetes Products Subsidised under the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS)

Closes 25 Aug 2019

Declaration of Interest Statement

The purpose of this declaration is to discover any financial, professional or personal interest on the part of a person, or on the part of their immediate family, who is providing consumer input to this consultation process.

  • For example, where a patient is using a specific diabetes product and wishes to see it listed on the NDSS.
  • A doctor may be providing comments, and has also been involved in clinical trials investigating the product.
  • A family member may want to provide comments on the product that another relative is using, and separately may also have shares in the company that manufactures the product.

Such interests may affect or have the appearance of affecting a person’s view on the merits of the product.  The existence of such interests may be a ‘conflict of interest’.

A conflict of interest is declared so that information provided can be assessed fairly and in a transparent manner.  The declarations are confidential to the Assessment panel, and do not prevent anyone from still providing their comments.

A conflict of interest can be declared, but does not mean a person should not still provide their comments.

A financial interest may include, but is not limited to, any of the following involvement with companies or other organisations engaged in the development, manufacture, marketing or distribution of the product:

  1. current shareholdings;
  2. board memberships or other offices;
  3. paid employment or contracting work;
  4. grants for overseas travel or conference expenses;
  5. significant hospitality.

A professional interest may include, but is not limited to, involvement in any of the following:

  1. development, manufacture or marketing and distribution of the product;
  2. making a public statement about that company or product of that company.

A personal interest may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

  1. where you are writing to support the product being listed on the NDSS, because you are using the product and wish to see it listed on the NDSS;
  2. where you or your immediate family may be using, or may wish to use the product;
  3. where you or your immediate family has strong personal or religious beliefs about the product.
Please choose one of the following:

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The Department may use this information to verify that any individual or organisation is bonafide or if any comments need clarification. Personal information collected by the Department will not be provided to any other organisation or used for any other purpose. The personal information of individuals will be de-identified before comments are considered.

The comments received through this document are not those of the Department and are the responsibility of the individual or group, making the submission.