Pharmacy Review - Responses to the Interim Report

Closed 23 Jul 2017

Opened 22 Jun 2017

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The Interim Report presents the findings and options for reform arising from the Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation. The issues in this report are complex, with the potential to impact significantly on community pharmacy. For this reason, the Review Panel invites you to provide any feedback on the proposed options and new information that may warrant consideration as the Panel develops its Final Report.

It is necessary that evidence is provided to support all considerations and claims made to the Review. Additional information of this nature should add to the significant body of evidence already utilised by the Panel and not repeat previous submissions.   

For more information regarding the reform options, please download and read the Interim Report (see below under ‘Related’).

We would like your feedback

Lodging your submission in response to the Interim Report is your opportunity to contribute to the Panel's ongoing consideration of the proposed reform options.

To make a submission to the Review, either:

  1. Provide your responses to any of the 47 Options proposed in the Interim Report by following the link below in the Have Your Say box. You may respond to any Option and in any order that you choose.
  2. Alternatively, upload your written submission at:

Everyone needs to complete the 'Consent to Publish' question, but all other sections are optional.

The Panel intends for this Review to be as transparent as possible to encourage public trust in the process being followed by the Review. Therefore, all questionnaire responses will be treated as public and published through the Review website following the closing date for submissions (23 July 2017). Respondents who would like part of their questionnaire response to remain in confidence should provide justification for this at the time of submission. Should the Panel not agree with a respondent's request for confidentiality, the respondent will be given the option to withdraw their questionnaire response without public disclosure.

The Department will use any information collected in accordance with the Australian Privacy Policy.

The questionnaire closes at 11:59pm Sunday, 23 July 2017 

Late responses will not be accepted

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What happens next

The questionnaire and submissions to the Review’s Interim Report are now closed.

All non-confidential responses received will be made available for viewing.

The opinions expressed in the responses are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Review Panel, the Department of Health or the Government.


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