Adult Mental Health Centres

Closed 29 Jul 2020

Opened 1 Jul 2020

Results updated 8 Aug 2022

Results updated July 2022

Minor revisions to the Service Model were made in June 2022. The current version of the Service Model is available via the Department of Health’s website.

Results updated December 2021

Minor revisions to the Adult Mental Health Centres Service Model were made in June 2021 to incorporate information on the 2021-22 Budget measure which expanded the program to include both centres and satellites, branded “Head to Health”.  

Results - 2020 

Public consultation on the trial of eight Adult Mental Health Centres across Australia was held between 1 July 2020 and 29 July 2020. The Department of Health sought feedback from interested consumers, carers, health professionals and organisations to ensure the service model is fit for purpose and meets the aims of establishing the Adult Mental Health Centres.

247 submissions were received in response to the public consultation.

The Department reviewed and analysed all the feedback received in the national public consultation, and updated the service model in line with this feedback. The responses and updated service model were considered by the Adult Mental Health Centres Technical Advisory Group, and endorsed as final.



The Australian Government is funding a trial of eight Adult Mental Health Centres across Australia, with one to be established in each state and territory. The Centres will be located at:

  • Corio (Geelong) – VIC
  • Penrith – NSW
  • Canberra – ACT
  • Launceston – TAS
  • Townsville – QLD
  • Greater Darwin – NT
  • North Perth – WA
  • Adelaide – SA

The Centres are designed to provide a welcoming, low stigma, ‘no wrong door’ entry point for adults to access mental health information, services and supports. The Centres are intended to complement, not replace or duplicate, mental health services already provided in the community. For some people, attending a Centre may be their first experience engaging with a mental health service.

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) will be responsible for establishing the Centres in each State and Territory, except in South Australia where SA Health is responsible for the Centre. PHNs will undertake local consultation to co-design and shape services to meet the particular needs of the local area where the Centre is located, within a service model framework informed by this consultation.

Development of the service model

A technical advisory group was established to develop a model of service and principles for the Adult Mental Health Centres trial. Its considerations have been captured in the consultation paper, which is attached as a related document to this consultation. The consultation paper outlines the technical advisory group’s advice on key assumptions underpinning the model of service, how individuals with different needs might access services from the Centres, and what services would be needed in-house as well as through referral.  Advice on considerations such as workforce, flexibilities allowed in the model, and essential safety and quality issues are also set out in the consultation paper.


Page 12, Table 1: Possible Multidisciplinary Team Members of the Potential Service Model for Adult Mental Health Centres Consultation Paper July 2020 has been updated to clarify the potential composition of a multidisciplinary team to provide services within the Adult Mental Health Centres.

Appropriately qualified and registered psychologists will be integral to the proposed multidisciplinary team for the Adult Mental Health Centres trial.  Table 1 has been amended to remove any reference to specific study requirements.

Why your views matter

The Department is conducting this consultation to ensure that interested consumers, carers, health professionals and organisations have their say on whether the proposed service model is appropriate to meet the aims of establishing the Adult Mental Health Centres.


Privacy and your personal information

The Australian Government Department of Health (the Department) invites you to share your views on the proposed service model for the proposed service model for the Adult Mental Health Centres trial.

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