Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee - Surgical Assistant Working Group Draft Report

Closed 7 Oct 2022

Opened 26 Aug 2022


The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is a list of health professional services (items) that the Australian Government subsidises. MBS items provide patient benefits for a wide range of health services including consultations, diagnostic tests, therapy, and operations.

In 2021, the Medicare Benefits Scheme (MBS) Continuous Review was established to ensure the MBS continues to support high-quality care, remains flexible, and stays up to date. The MBS Continuous Review involves reviews of Medicare items and services by experts, and is guided by the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review Advisory Committee (the MRAC).

The MRAC is comprised of practising clinicians, academics, health system experts and consumers and is committed to actively engaging with the health sector and consumers about decisions on how the MBS can improve care for all Australians through comprehensive consultation processes.

Additional information about the MRAC, including membership and Terms of Reference can be found on the MBS Continuous Review website.

The Surgical Assistant Working Group (SAWG) was established as a subgroup of the MRAC to consider two issues:

  • Surgical assistant billing arrangements.
  • Access to surgical MBS items for non-medical surgical assistants.

This followed a request to government from the MBS Review Taskforce for a working group to be established to consider and advise on these issues.​

Why your views matter

The MRAC seeks views from clinicians, peak bodies, consumers and other interested parties in relation to the Surgical Assistant Working Group Draft Final Report.

The diverse perspectives, experience and knowledge of all stakeholders, including members of the community, are valued and will be considered by the MRAC in finalising its recommendations to Government.

A PDF and word version of the Surgical Assistant Working Group Draft Final Report are available for download below (see documents under the 'Related' heading below). 

You are invited to submit your feedback on this report by 11.59PM on

7 October 2022. 

If you have any questions in relation to this consultation process, please contact

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

How do I make a submission?

Submissions should be emailed to

Responses received by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care will be provided to the Surgical Assistant Working Group for consideration. Please indicate if your response includes information which is confidential.

Important Note: It is important to be aware that confidential submissions may still be subject to access under Freedom of Information Laws.


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