Medical Research Future Fund's Million Minds Mental Health Research Mission - National Consultation on the Roadmap and Implementation Plan

Closed 1 Dec 2022

Opened 28 Oct 2022


The Medical Research Future Fund’s (MRFF) Million Minds Mental Health Research Mission (the Mission) is investing $125 million for research to support a million Australians with mental health issues. This funding will enable access to new approaches to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

As per the MRFF Mission Governance document, the Mission’s Expert Advisory Panel is to provide their advice to the Minister for Health and Aged Care on priorities for research investment through the Mission by developing a Roadmap and Implementation Plan.

The Mission’s second Expert Advisory Panel was appointed in April 2022 to provide advice on the strategic priorities for the remainder of the Mission by revising the existing Roadmap and developing an Implementation Plan. As part of this process, the Expert Advisory Panel considered the findings from the review of the Mission and ensured that the priority-setting approach aligned with the approach used by the other MRFF missions.

The Roadmap is a high-level strategic document that includes the aim, vision, goal and priorities for investment for the Mission. To support the Roadmap, the Implementation Plan outlines the Mission’s investments made to date (short term) and the future priorities for investment (medium and long term), evaluation approaches and measures, supporting activities, and collaborative opportunities.

The Roadmap and Implementation Plan will be used by the Department to design and implement the Mission's future investments via Grant Opportunities promoted through GrantConnect. 2022-23 investments through the Mission will be available through

Why your views matter

This consultation is to seek feedback from the community on the Mission’s draft Roadmap and Implementation Plan. Both documents are available below.

Through a separate process, the draft Roadmap and Implementation Plan will also be reviewed by an international panel of experts who will provide feedback and advice in the context of relevant activities occurring internationally.


As part of this consultation, a webinar was held on 9 November to provide an opportunity for the community to gain a greater understanding of the purpose of the Roadmap and Implementation Plan and to ask any questions. The webinar was presented by the Chair of the Mission’s Expert Advisory Panel, Professor Maree Teesson AC. A copy of the presentation can be accessed from the bottom of this page.

How to have your say

Consultation questions are provided to guide your submission.

How we will use your feedback

Submissions will be used to inform any further development of the Roadmap and Implementation Plan by the Expert Advisory Panel.


  • Academics
  • Health professionals
  • Health workforce
  • General public


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