Medical Research Future Fund consultation to inform the third Australian Medical Research and Innovation Priorities 2020-2022

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Closes 7 Oct 2020


1. Full name
2. Submission type
3. Organisation type
4. Organisation sub-type
5. Residential state or territory
6. Do the current Priorities remain relevant in the contemporary environment for continuation for a further 12 months?
7. Should any of the Priorities be emphasised or de-emphasised for the next 12 month period?
8. Are there any unaddressed gaps in knowledge, capacity and effort across the healthcare continuum and research pipeline that would warrant changes to the Priorities?
9. Is there an opportunity to consolidate the Priorities for the remaining twelve months of the Strategy?
10. Do you have any additional comments in regards to the Priorities for 2020-2022?
11. Do you consent to components of your submission being made publicly available?