Review of the General Miscellaneous Category of the Prostheses List

Closes 3 Mar 2020

Opened 3 Feb 2020


The General Miscellaneous category of the Prostheses List includes general use items (e.g. closure and haemostatic devices) and items that do not readily sit in other categories (e.g. radio-isotopes and bowel incontinence devices). Many of the general use items are high volume and low unit-cost relative to more specialised implantable devices that appear in other categories.

The Prostheses List has undergone a number of reviews and analysis of 2018-19 Prostheses List data demonstrated above trend utilisation growth for the General Miscellaneous category, which has again focussed attention on these items, prompting the current review.

Why We Are Consulting

The Department is seeking the input from device sponsors, private hospitals, private health insurers and other interested parties to support the evidence base for this review.

This is the first stage of consultations which will inform the future direction of the review.

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