National Suicide Prevention Taskforce – Interim Advice Public Consultation

Closed 3 Dec 2020

Opened 16 Nov 2020


The Australian Government is working towards zero suicides and appointed Ms Christine Morgan as the first National Suicide Prevention Adviser reporting directly to the Prime Minister.

The National Suicide Prevention Adviser has provided the Prime Minister with the Interim Advice (the Advice) to inform a whole of government approach to suicide prevention. There are three parts that together make up the Advice: a lived experience informed report called ‘Compassion First’, the Interim Advice Report containing the ‘in-principle’ recommendations, and ‘Shifting the Focus’ outlining a whole-of-government suicide prevention approach and decision tool for cross-portfolio agencies.

The Interim Advice includes thirteen (13) in-principle recommendations to improve the whole-of-government coordination and delivery of suicide prevention activities. These recommendations will form the basis of more intensive and deliberate consultations with jurisdictions and stakeholders in the lead-up to the Final Advice due in December 2020.    

Why we are consulting

The below survey is one component of seeking feedback on the Interim Advice, with specific engagement being conducted with Commonwealth portfolios and State and Territory governments, and sector engagement being conducted with the support of Suicide Prevention Australia.    

To respond to the survey you will require knowledge of the Interim Advice in-principle recommendations. Prior to completing the survey you are encouraged to read the Interim Advice documents, in particular the summary document to familiarise yourself with the recommendations. The Interim Advice documents are provided below under the heading 'Related'. The survey also provides an opportunity to provide feedback on the Compassion First and Shifting the Focus documents.


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