Mitochondrial Donation in Australia

Closed 15 Mar 2021

Opened 5 Feb 2021


The Australian Government Department of Health invites you to share your views on the proposed approach to making mitochondrial donation available in Australia. The Australian Government wants to introduce mitochondrial donation so this lifesaving technology is made available for families impacted by severe mitochondrial disease.

Why your views matter

In 2019-20, the National Health and Medical Research Council examined the scientific, legal, regulatory and ethical issues associated with mitochondrial donation, consulting widely with the public.

This current consultation process will provide the opportunity for members of the public, interested stakeholders, peak bodies and experts to consider the proposed staged approach to legalising mitochondrial donation in Australia, and to participate in the consultation process by sharing their feedback and comments.

A Consultation Paper outlining how the Government proposes to introduce mitochondrial donation in a staged and closely monitored way is provided below.

Additional information is provided in the Q&As, which are also available below.

Feedback and comments can be provided to the Department via this consultation page or via email to by 15 March 2021.


What happens next

All comments and submissions will be carefully considered by the Australian Government.

Questions regarding the consultation process can be directed to

Submissions will not be published on the Department of Health website. However, a summary of the comments and submissions will be published on the Department’s website at the conclusion of the consultation period. 

Further information on mitochondrial donation is available on the Department of Health’s website at



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