MDR Shigella - Scoping survey for public health authorities

Closed 28 Feb 2022

Opened 30 Nov 2021

Results expected 18 Mar 2022


This survey seeks to understand how Shigella is being tested for in Australia, and how antibiotic susceptibility testing data for multi-drug resistant (MDR) Shigella is being reported to and used by public health authorities. 

The following questions will be used to analyse the testing and reporting processes for MDR Shigella in each jurisdiction. The information provided as part of this survey will be identifiable at the jurisdictional level and will be used by the Public Health Laboratory Network (PHLN) Secretariat and PHLN Expert Reference Panel on Antimicrobial Resistance to develop national recommendations for the surveillance of MDR Shigella in Australia. Please contact the PHLN Secretariat should you have any concerns regarding the use information provided as part of this survey. 

Should you have any supplementary information you wish to provide as part of your response, please email 

Please feel free to contact the PHLN Secretariat on 0262895059 should you require any assistance completing this survey. 


  • Health professionals
  • Health workforce
  • General public


  • Communicable diseases