Public Consultation on Australia’s Next Antimicrobial Resistance Strategy 2020 and Beyond

Closed 28 Jun 2019

Opened 7 Jun 2019


Four years ago, Australia’s First National Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Strategy 2015-2019 was published. This Strategy, due to expire at the end of 2019, focuses predominantly on antibacterial resistance taking a One Health approach to address AMR across human health, animal health and agriculture. With significant progress and achievements accomplished in this space since this initial publication, it has become clear that we need to reassess and cultivate the objectives of our response to the threat of AMR in Australia.

Australia’s next AMR Strategy for 2020 and beyond will be a 20 year vision that is flexible, resilient and will expand its focus to include the environment, food and other antimicrobials, such as antifungals and antivirals, becoming all-encompassing in its One Health approach. The long term vision of the next Strategy will encourage the development and implementation of sector-specific action plans to ensure clear accountability in addressing AMR. Stakeholders from across the Australian and state and territory governments, regulators, hospital administrators, standard-setting and accreditation bodies, the pharmaceutical industry, food animal producers and food manufacturers, agriculture, health and veterinary professionals, researchers, educators, professional bodies and consumers all have a role in ensuring actions under the Strategy are effectively implemented.

AMR is a significant global health threat requiring a serious response. Your patronage and counsel is crucial for the health of our future generations. With public consultation now open, we urge you to contribute your expertise within your sector so that we can address and combat the threat of AMR effectively. We also ask that you please share the consultation paper link among appropriate colleagues and friends to gain maximum exposure and contribution to this process.

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Why your views matter

We aim to ensure that all interested stakeholders have the opportunity to be involved in the consultation process and contribute to the development of the next National AMR Strategy.

What happens next

Following the consultation process, the Department of Health and Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will jointly:

  • prepare the final progress report under the First Strategy for publication at and
  • progress Australia’s next AMR Strategy to the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), through its relevant subcommittees, for national endorsement.


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