Open consultation for the National Dust Disease Taskforce

Closes 11 Nov 2019

Opened 17 Sep 2019



On 26 July 2019 the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer announced the establishment of a National Dust Disease Taskforce to develop advice on a national approach to the prevention, early identification, control and management of dust diseases in Australia. The Terms of Reference, provided below under Related Documents, set out the approach for the Taskforce and the scope of their review.

These actions are in response to the emerging trend of new cases of the occupational disease, accelerated silicosis, occurring in Australia.

Why we are consulting

Through open consultation, the Taskforce seeks to understand the underlying issues to this trend, how to mitigate the exposure risks and prevent accelerated silicosis in at-risk people. To do this, during 2019 the Taskforce will provide a range of opportunities for consultation. This will include a written submission process and workshops and webinars. 

It is anticipated that further consultation will be required in 2020 to build on the learnings of this first phase of consultation, along with other information the Taskforce has considered. 

Consultation Paper

A Consultation Paper is provided below under Related Documents to initiate open consultation with stakeholders. The Paper provides important background and context information to start the conversation with stakeholders about dust diseases, in particular, the emergence of new cases of accelerated silicosis.

How can I be involved?

The Taskforce welcomes submissions for their consideration, including any case studies that describe or demonstrate views and ideas. Where possible, the Taskforce requests that submissions are framed against the Consultation Hub Questions.  Submissions may also be uploaded in a document (3,000 word limit), or include other information relevant to the work of the Taskforce, framed against the Terms of Reference.

You can provide a submission to the Taskforce at the link below under Provide Your Submission.

Further consultation opportunities

The Taskforce will also be undertaking consultation forums and webinars by the end of 2019. You can register your interest for these events at:

This information will guide planning for the location of workshops and webinars. Please note that registering does not guarantee attendance. 

Stay informed

Information about the Taskforce and regular updates about consultation opportunities are available on the National Dust Disease Taskforce webpage, at

Provide Your Submission


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