Vaccine Delivery and Inventory Management Survey - November 2022

Closed 15 Nov 2022

Opened 28 Oct 2022

Feedback expected 24 Nov 2022

Results updated 23 Nov 2022

Publication of results for November 2022 State/Territory (S/T) Local Vaccine Provider (LVP) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Processes


This online survey aims to identify vaccine supply chain management (SCM) practices within the various state and territory health departments within Australia.

The reason for this survey is to identify commonalities (and differences) is each state and territory's supply chain process. This will then allow the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care to determine if there are any areas the holistic vaccine supply chain can be enhanced.

For the purposes of this survey, the scope of state/territory SCM activities include:

  • Local Vaccine Providers placing orders with your state/territory vaccine distribution centre(s);
  • Local Vaccine Providers receiving deliveries from your state/territory vaccine distribution centre(s) or their partners;
  • inventory management, including:
    • vaccine fridge stock on hand (SOH) and other stocktaking events;
    • wastage and leakage reporting;
    • stock return or re-directions
  • reporting and monitoring functions
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) used to support your SCM.
  • Any other documentation or feedback you are willing to provide that could assist with our collation and analysis.

Why your views matter

How does this help me?

  • Taking part in this survey may lead to learning how other areas manage their local supply chain, which may lead to efficiencies in your local supply chain practices.
  • It will also allow the Commonwealth to determine if there are any local processes, procedures and practices that could be leveraged for providing national end-to-end supply chain monitoring. 

What do you want me to do?

  • Please provide answers to as many questions as you are willing to submit to the Commonwealth.
  • The survey is constructed so participants only need to answer the questions they have corporate knowledge on.
    • Questions can be left blank
    • IPCM will collate multiple jurisdiction responses to develop a consolidated report for each state and territory.
  • Survey participation is requested for jurisdiction sites only.
    • This survey will only need to be distributed to staff within your jurisdiction whom you believe can assist answer the questions
    • This survey is not required to be sent to local provider sites.

How hard will it be?

  • This survey is not expected to be hard - it is only asking for any existing documentation and corporate knowledge  that you (or your team) already have and are willing to share relating to how you manage your local vaccine providers' orders and deliveries.
  • Depending on how much information is available, it is estimated completing the survery may take up to one hour.
    • However, you are not required to complete the survey in one session.
    • The survey can be saved to return to later, or you can leave questions blank.
    • You can also forward the online survery to as many team members you feel can assist answer parts of this survey.


  • Health workforce


  • Immunisation