OGTR Consultation - Forms - Licence & CCI

Closed 16 Mar 2020

Opened 21 Feb 2020


This consultation seeks to understand how you, as an applicant, prepare and submit applications for DIR or DNIR licences, and accompanying CCI applications. CCI questions are optionally included for those that identify as having submitted CCI in the past.

All information that you provide will only be used internally at the OGTR.

We anticipate that this survey will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Why We Are Consulting

We are developing online forms for DIR, DNIR and CCI applications. As part of the process we are trying to understand how you complete an OGTR application form. Information that we collect about the process will inform decisions we make designing the online forms, and functionality that would be helpful to users of the forms.

What Happens Next

We will collate responses and identify common approaches to preparing an application, and functionality that helps you to prepare an application. Forms will be developed and tested both in house and with external stakeholders.


  • Non-government organisations
  • State government agencies
  • Businesses


  • Health technology