Australian Sports Wagering Scheme - Approach Paper

Closed 12 Mar 2020

Opened 13 Feb 2020


Following the Commonwealth Government’s response to the Wood Review, the Sport Integrity Taskforce within the Department of Health was charged with developing a regulatory response to safeguard the integrity of Australian sport; streamline the sports integrity aspects of sports wagering regulation at a national level; and inconjunction with stakeholders develop a regulatory framework sufficient to meet the serious, growing threats to sports integrity.

In alignment with the recommendations of the Wood Review, this regulatory response is known as the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme.


Why We Are Consulting

The design of the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme will involve timely, substantive and in-depth consultation with interested parties. This consultation will involve both structured engagement with expert advisory groups and opportunities for all interested parties to be involved in the design of the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme.

The Sport Integrity Taskforce is committed to providing all interested parties with regular opportunities to comment throughout the development of the Australian Sports Wagering Scheme.


  • Non-government organisations
  • State government agencies
  • Commonwealth agencies
  • General public


  • Regulatory policy
  • Policy Development