Productivity Commission Report on Mental Health

Closed 10 Feb 2021

Opened 16 Nov 2020


The Australian Government welcomes the Productivity Commission (PC) Inquiry Report on Mental Health. It provides 21 recommendations with 103 associated actions spanning five key themes:

  • prevention and early help for people;
  • improve people’s experiences with mental healthcare;
  • improve people’s experiences with services beyond the health system;
  • equip workplaces to be mentally healthy; and
  • instil incentives and accountability for improved outcomes.

The PC’s recommendations are outlined in the attached document. For further information and context to the recommendations, the PC Report is available on the PC website at

The Inquiry represents one of the most comprehensive and significant reviews of the mental health system based on extensive consultation with the public and key stakeholders. The actions recommended by the PC span a range of policy areas including health, education, employment, social services, justice, work health and safety, and Indigenous Australians.

The Government is carefully considering the PC's recommendations and is consulting with the Australian public and key stakeholders to seek feedback on the recommendations.

Why your views matter

The Government is seeking your views on the final recommendations in the PC Report, particularly with respect to priorities and implementation issues. Previous submissions made to the PC as part of the Inquiry should not be re-submitted.


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The Australian Government Department of Health (the Department) invites you to share your views on the recommendations of the PC Inquiry Report on Mental Health.

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