Consultation on the Clinical Categories Review Advisory Committee Report

Closes 30 Aug 2024

Opened 31 May 2024


The Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care (department) is currently seeking feedback on the Clinical Categories Review Advisory Committee Report (Report). The Report sets out the evaluation outcomes by the Clinical Categories Review Advisory Committee (committee). Comprised of independent members with different expertise areas, the committee examined the Government reform of the private health insurance products, specifically the introduction of the clinical categories as standardised definitions for the services covered under hospital treatment products.

The committee noted that the clinical categories have assisted consumers to better understand the services covered in their policy and to compare products more easily across the market. There are still areas where the categories could be further simplified or where there can be supplementary work conducted to improve the effectiveness of this reform. These recommendations by the committee are set out in the Report.

This Online Survey has been prepared by the department to facilitate responses to the Report. Stakeholder feedback on each of the recommendations and the broader Report are invited.

The Report contains information based on MBS items and classifications that was current at the time of the review and as endorsed by the Committee in 2022. Note that the hyperlinks to legislation have been removed on page 43 of the Report.

Why your views matter

The purpose of this consultation is to seek stakeholder and community feedback on the Report’s findings and broad direction. Responses to the Online Survey are due by 30 August 2024. There is also an option to upload a document in addition to your survey responses.

Your feedback will inform consideration of which recommendations should be implemented and how to best implement them.

Please take the time to read the Report before you complete the survey. The Report and a copy of the Online Survey questions can be downloaded below.

To support stakeholder engagement, the department intends to publish responses. Respondents are asked to clearly identify specific elements of the response which are considered confidential and not for publication, as well as the reasons the specific elements are considered confidential.  Confidential feedback may still be subject to access under freedom of information laws. The freedom of information process includes consultation with a respondent prior to a decision about the release of information.


  • Non-government organisations
  • State government agencies
  • Commonwealth agencies
  • Health professionals
  • Health workforce
  • General public
  • Community groups


  • Hospitals
  • Medicare
  • Health insurance
  • Regulatory policy
  • Strategic Policy
  • Policy Development