Streamlined Consumer Assessment for Aged Care

Closed 11 Feb 2019

Opened 10 Dec 2018


In the 2018-19 Budget, the Government announced that it will design and implement a new framework for streamlined consumer assessments for all aged care services, to be delivered by a new national assessment workforce from 2020.  The measure addresses an issue identified in the Legislated Review of Aged Care 2017 (Tune Review), that there is duplication and inefficiency within the current assessment process.

A new assessment framework will streamline and improve the consumer experience of aged care assessments, better supporting senior Australians to access all aged care services from entry level home support to home care packages and residential care.

The Department has released a discussion paper to consult on a streamlined assessment model and seek the views of stakeholders and interested parties, including those representing consumers, assessment services, aged care providers and the health and aged care workforce.

Why your views matter

Your feedback is sought on key design elements to inform the development of a streamlined consumer assessment model for aged care, including:

  • streamlining entry processes through My Aged Care;
  • ensuring the quality of assessment services;
  • ensuring that assessment better supports senior Australians to remain independent in their homes;
  • managing aged care assessment in remote areas; and
  • linking vulnerable older people to additional support.

How to provide your views

Interested parties are invited to provide feedback via the online survey below.  The discussion paper is available to download (see Related Documents below).  

What happens next

The consultation period closed on 11 February 2019.

223 submissions were received from a range of stakeholders, including providers, consumers, carers, assessors, local and state governments, professional associations, advocacy groups and peak bodies A summary report of the key issues and feedback is available on the Department’s website

Please also refer to the Streamlined Consumer Assessment for Aged Care website for updates on the development and implementation of a streamlined consumer assessment model for aged care.



  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
  • Seniors
  • Carers and guardians
  • Families
  • Non-government organisations
  • State government agencies
  • Health professionals
  • Community groups
  • Contracted Service Providers
  • Aged care service providers


  • Dementia
  • Home Care
  • Policy Development