Final Report for CHSP Ad Hoc Proposals funding (From Funding Payment to 30 June 2023)

Closed 8 Sep 2023

Opened 7 Aug 2023


Overview of Reporting on CHSP Ad Hoc Funding

The CHSP Ad Hoc Proposals grant was published under Grant Opportunity GO5672 (for financial year 2022-2023) as an extension of the Grant Opportunity GO4265 (for financial years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022).

Funding provided through the CHSP Ad Hoc Proposals grant enabled organisations to respond to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances, address gaps in service delivery and trial and implement new and innovative service delivery models.  

This Final Report is a standalone report that will ensure organisations meet accountability requirements under the Simple Grant Agreement.

Your completion of this report should provide clear information about your organisation’s achievement of measures described in the grant agreement for the activity/activities funded.

Instructions for report completion (online)

All information must be submitted online via this online portal.  Online submissions will enable the Department of Health and Aged Care to efficiently draw out program related information in addition to identifying individual service provider performance.

To complete this Final Report you will need to refer to a copy of your grant agreement for CHSP Ad Hoc Proposals funding.

If there are any material issues that the Department should be aware of please ensure that you draw this to our attention in the “additional comments” section

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please email


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