2021 CHSP Specialised Support Services (SSS) Survey

Closed 22 Dec 2021

Opened 26 Oct 2021



The Department of Health is working with Specialised Support Services (SSS) providers to ensure that this service type is still achieving the best outcomes for clients and carers, and to align these vital services to the new Support at Home Program, due to begin 1 July 2023.

In late 2021, the Department of Health ran an initial SSS Survey which sought to better understand current service delivery and clarify the role of those services from 1 July 2023.

The SSS Survey identified that a substantial number of SSS providers appeared to be delivering activities or services that do not, or may not, meet the objective of SSS as outlined in the CHSP manual. The responses indicated a significant number of providers are delivering a variety of activities that are not necessarily specialist services focusing on individuals living with a particular condition such as dementia, incontinence, hearing or vision impairment. Additionally a number of responses provided information at a high/generic level that made it difficult to assess whether the objectives of SSS are being achieved.

This survey looks to elicit more detailed information from providers to assist with clarifying the work and activities being undertaken.

How to complete this survey

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From here, each of the services sub-types under SSS are identified. You will need to complete the questions relating to the service sub-types that your organisation delivers. Please click on the relevant hyperlinks and you will be taken to the questions for that service sub-type. Once you have completed the questions on that page you will be taken back to the original contents page.

Why your views matter

SSS providers play a vital role in helping older people living with a particular condition remain in their homes.

What happens next

Your input into this survey will help shape the future of SSS in the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) and the new Support at Home Program.


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