Open Consultation for the Third Review of the National Gene Technology Scheme

Closed 29 Sep 2017

Opened 25 Jul 2017


The first stage of consultation closed on 29 September 2017.

The Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology (the Forum) thanks all that have provided submissions.  

The Forum, also known as the LGFGT, is responsible for overseeing and governing the operation of the Scheme.  The Forum is established by an intergovernmental Gene Technology Agreement (GTA) and includes Ministers from the Commonwealth and all States and Territories across a range of portfolios including health, agriculture and primary industries. 

The Scheme consists of the Gene Technology Act 2000 and the Gene Technology Regulations 2001 and corresponding state and territory laws to provide a nationally consistent system to regulate development and use of gene technology in Australia.

This first stage of the consultation process was designed to better understand the ideas, key issues and views of stakeholders.

Consultation Process

The consultation has been organised in three key phases aimed at identifying key issues for consideration, collaboratively exploring policy solutions to these issues, and finally providing an opportunity to comment on the findings:

Phase One - Written Submissions - (Now closed)

Open consultation 25 July – 29 September 2017: gain an understanding of key issues to be addressed through the review by seeking input from stakeholders (through a written submission process), and examining input into other reports and reviews.

Phase Two - Explore options and possible policy solutions

Open consultation 6 November – 14 December 2017: using the input from Phase one, engage collaboratively with stakeholders (through issues papers, workshops, forums, surveys, targeted meetings, market research and written submissions) to explore options and develop solutions to the issues captured.

Phase Three - Test proposed outcomes with stakeholders

Open consultation early 2018 (anticipated March): taking into account Phase one and two considerations, present draft findings for stakeholder comment through an online submissions process.


What happens next

Outcomes from Phase One

In maintaining the transparency of the Review process, all submissions made to the Review, unless requested otherwise, will be treated as public and published on the Review website.

The Review Secretariat will use any information collected in accordance with the Australian Privacy Policy.

Following the completion of Phase One, the Review Team is currently reviewing and collating all submissions received. This information will be used to inform the planning for Phase Two Consultations. Detailed information on how you can participate will be published shortly.

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  • Health workforce
  • General public
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