Implementing Recommendations of the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme: Phase 1

Closed 4 Dec 2019

Opened 2 Oct 2019

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Consultation on the recently released Issues Paper – Implementing Recommendations of the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme: Phase 1 Consultation (the Issues Paper), is now open. To obtain a copy of the Issues Paper, please refer to the hyperlinks below.

Recognising the importance of ongoing consultation to inform implementation of the recommendations arising from the Third Review of the National Gene Technology Scheme (the Review), an Issues Paper to inform three key priority areas has been developed.

In accordance with the Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology Action Plan, the released Issues Paper builds upon the extensive input already provided through the Review, to progress implementation of definitional issues, risk proportionate regulation and streamlining of regulation.

If you wish to participate, prior knowledge of the Final Report on the Third Review is required as the consultative process does not seek to re‑open issues already considered as part of the Review.

Why your views matter

This Issues Paper informs the first phase of consultation to progress implementation of the first three key priorities. It seeks feedback on key factors that will guide assessment of any future options for change.


To assist your response, it is strongly recommended that you:

a) Firstly, download and read the Issues Paper;

b) Refer to the relevant parts of the Final Report on the Third Review; and

c) Respond to the Questions in the space provided.

Please note: previously provided feedback/positions/perspectives have been captured and will continue to be considered. Only information relevant to the questions being asked is required.

Submissions over 10,000 words are required to have an Executive Summary covering all key points in the submission.

It is not necessary to provide a response to all of the questions.

Unless otherwise stated, responses may be published on the National Gene Technology Scheme webpage and will be accessible for the public to view.


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