National Gene Technology Scheme, Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS)

Closed 17 Mar 2021

Opened 14 Dec 2020

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In July 2017 the Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology (the Forum) formally commenced the Third Review (Third Review) of the National Gene Technology Scheme (the Scheme). The initial aim of the Review was to assess the operation of the Scheme with respect to its policy objectives. The Review also sought to identify areas where changes might assist to future-proof and modernise the Scheme, to help ensure efficiency and timeliness of the responses to emerging technologies. The Review concluded that overall the Scheme is working well and made 27 recommendations to maintain and enhance the regulation and governance of gene technology in Australia.
In September 2019, an Issues Paper exploring implementation of a number of prioritised Review recommendations was released. Consultation was open until early December 2019 and the feedback received assisted Forum consideration of options for a revised regulatory framework in which to deliver Review recommendations.
This current consultation offers interested parties the opportunity to provide feedback on a regulatory framework to support implementation of the Third Review recommendations. The documents for consideration include a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (Consultation RIS) and an accompanying Explanatory Paper.
The purpose of this consultation is to:
(a) describe options for implementing a proportionate regulatory model to give effect to key Review recommendations; and
(b) seek stakeholder views on the impacts of each of these options.
The questions in the Consultation RIS aim to clarify whether the proposed options address the policy problems identified during the Review, as well as to collect information and data about the relative costs and benefits of each option.
Please note: the questions in this consultation assume familiarity with the Consultation RIS and companion Explanatory Paper. These documents can be downloaded below.
Please note that you DO NOT have to provide a response to all questions - only those that you have relevant feedback for.


  • Non-government organisations
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  • Health technology