Consultation on a draft National Gene Drive Policy Guide

Closes 3 Mar 2024

Opened 2 Jan 2024


In order to give proponents of gene drive technology greater regulatory certainty and understanding of the risk considerations, a new National Gene Drive Policy Guide (the Guide) has been developed. 

A copy of the Guide is attached below at the bottom of the screen and can also be found on the National Gene Technology Scheme website. Read the Guide. 

Cover image of the consultation draft national gene drives policy guide.

Consultation on the guide is now open until 3 March 2024. Please note that all responses must be provided through the Consultation Hub to be considered.

Why your views matter

This online survey has been developed to offer potential proponents of gene drive technology, researchers, regulated entities and the community the opportunity to provide feedback on the draft National Gene Drive Policy Guide.

Your feedback will help us make improvements and shape the draft Guide so that it can be used as a valuable resource and reference point when seeking information on the regulation and other risk considerations required for the environmental release of GM gene drive organisms (or any GMO more broadly).  

It is strongly recommended before commencing the survey that you have thoroughly read the draft National Gene Drive Policy Guide. More information on gene drive organisms and how they are regulated is available on the National Gene Technology Scheme website.

The survey allows you to partially complete the questions and save your progress as you go. You can return to complete the survey at any time within the consultation period.

Unless otherwise indicated, responses to the survey may be published on the Scheme website as part of our commitment to transparency in all of our consultation processes. 

The feedback obtained from this consultation will assist us in making improvements to the Guide prior to seeking Ministerial endorsement from the Gene Technology Ministers' Meeting. The final publication will be made available as a valuable resource to provide guidance to potential proponents of gene drive technology.

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