Public consultation on proposed amendments to the Poisons Standard - March 2021 ACMS/ACCS meetings

Closes 27 Jan 2021

Why we are consulting

When a scheduling application or proposal is made, they are considered by the person to whom the Secretary of the Department of Health has delegated decision making responsibility to. The delegate may seek advice from the Advisory Committees. Where a proposal is referred to an advisory committee, the delegate must invite public submissions on the proposal. The referral process to the Advisory Committees usually includes two opportunities for public consultation; one at the pre-meeting stage and one in response to the delegate’s interim decision. 

What will happen

This is a pre-meeting consultation. Any public submissions received are considered by the Advisory Committees before they provide advice or a recommendation to the TGA delegate.  The delegate will consider the Advisory Committees advice and the public submissions before making an interim decision.  If no pre-meeting public submissions are received the delegate may proceed directly to make a final decision. If the delegate makes an interim decision, there will be a further call for public submissions, which the delegate will take into account before making a final decision.

Public submissions are published on the TGA website – see the section on Privacy and your personal information in this consultation.