Public Consultation - Fees and charges proposal 2021-22

Closes 17 Mar 2021

Why are we consulting

The TGA has a long standing practice of targeted consultation with the industry bodies in relation to proposed changes to fees and charges for the next financial year. The TGA requests the peak bodies to bring any proposals for fees and charges to the attention of their members. In addition, the TGA also publishes a public consultation paper on fees and charges to provide an opportunity for organisations who are not members of industry bodies that the TGA meet with, other stakeholders and the wider community to comment on the proposed fees and charges.

What will happen

Submissions in response to the public consultation will be considered as part of the decision making of fees and charges for 2021-22. The final outcome of the consultation will be published on the TGA website.

Further to the review of submissions by the TGA, feedback on submissions will be provided through this website. Public submissions are published in accordance with the permissions provided – see the section on Privacy and your personal information in this consultation.