MHDTD Committee Support Functions

Closed 7 Jun 2013

Opened 31 May 2013


Following on from the discussion at the Divisional Leadership Team meeting on 17 May 2013, the Mental Health and Drug Treatment Division (MHDTD) is investigating options to streamline and standardise its processes for supporting committees.

This survey is intended to complement the work being undertaken by David Mackay, Assistant Secretary, Mental Health Early Intervention and Prevention Branch, to reduce the number of committees MHDTD supports, either through disestablishment or amalgamation.

The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete. Your assistance in completing this by COB Friday 7 June 2013 is greatly appreciated.

The aim of the survey is to obtain information on the usual procedures and time required to provide committee support functions to a committee (or working group) in  MHDTD.

The information will be analysed and consolidated to identify the most common and time consuming procedures.  The objective is to identify opportunities for improved efficiencies in the management of committee support functions across the division.

When completing the survey:

  • Base your responses on what has been the standard for your section over the past 6 to 12 months.
  • If more than one staff member completes each task, please aggregate the total time spent to complete that task.
  • Use the free text boxes to include additional information that may be useful for the survey.


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  • Mental health