Independent Expert Panel Public Submissions

Closed 31 Dec 2014

Opened 1 Dec 2014


Public submissions are being accepted by an Independent Expert Panel (IEP) to guide the redesign of the General Practice Rural Incentives Programme (GPRIP) in relation to the new Modified Monash Model classification system, and to consider avenues for reform in rural general practice training and service delivery.  

The Panel consists of:

Dr Steve Hambleton MBBS, FAMA, FRACGP(hon), GAICD


Professor John Humpreys BA, Dip Ed, PhD.


Individuals or organisations interested in providing submissions regarding the redesign of GPRIP should view the GPRIP Guidelines and use the GPRIP discussion paper to assist their submission. Please title submissions 'PUBLIC SUBMISSION - GPRIP' and email to

In addition, the IEP would like to invite individuals or organisations to submit views regarding rural general practice training and service delivery. Please title submissions 'PUBLIC SUBMISSION - GENERAL PRACTICE' and email to

Public submissions will be accepted until 31 December 2014.

Please ensure all submissions are a maximum of 2000 words.

Please read the Privacy Statement prior to submitting.  Please note the Department of Health's Privacy Policy.

Submission to remain confidential

Please indicate in your submission if you wish your submission to remain confidential and do not consent to having your submission published on the internet.

Submission to be treated as anonymous

Please indicate in your submission if you wish for your submission to be treated as anonymous and you do not consent to having your name, or the name of your organisation published on the internet with your submission.

Please do not include any personal information concerning a third party in your submission, unless you are able to provide evidence of written consent from the third party.

Submissions may be made available on the Department of Health website and may be used in the IEP's reports in relation to the GPRIP redesign or avenues of reform of rural general practice training and service delivery.  This may include the author's name or organsiation name, unless confidentiality or anonymity has been requested.  Personal information collected by the Department on behalf of the IEP will not be provided to non-government agencies or used for any other purpose.

The Department reserves the right to refuse to publish submissions, or parts of submissions, which contain offensive language, potentially defamatory material or copyright infringing material.


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