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2. Do you give consent for your submission to be published in whole or in part?

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Ticked Yes

Details about you

3. Are you answering on behalf of an organisation?

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Ticked No

4. Where do you live or where is your organisation based?

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Ticked Vic

More details about you

8. What role best describes you?

Please select one item
Aged care consumer
Family and/or carer for an aged care consumer
Ticked Aged care worker/professional
Aged care advocate
Health worker/professional

9. Do you identify with any of the following special needs groups? Please select all that apply.

Please select all that apply
People from Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander communities
People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
People who live in rural or remote areas
Ticked People who are financially or socially disadvantaged
People who are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless
Parents separated from their children by forced adoption or removal
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people

Questions about accreditation and monitoring compliance of residential aged care services

11. Do you think that processes to accredit and monitor residential aged care services are effective?

Accreditation process
Please select one item
Yes, always Ticked Yes, mostly Yes, sometimes No Don’t know
Monitoring process
Please select one item
Yes, always Yes, mostly Ticked Yes, sometimes No Don’t know

12. Do you think processes to review and investigate non-compliance with the accreditation standards are effective?

Please select one item
Yes, always
Yes, mostly
Yes, sometimes
Ticked No
Don’t know

13. Are you aware that sanctions can be imposed on residential aged care services when they fail to comply with the accreditation standards?

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Ticked Yes

14. Do you think these sanctions are effective?

Please select one item
Yes, always
Yes, mostly
Ticked Yes, sometimes
Don’t know

15. What features of the existing assessment and monitoring process should be retained?

Retain assessment & monitoring processes
Existing features are ok but need strengthening.

16. What features of the existing assessment and monitoring process should be changed?

Change assessment & monitoring
More on site monitoring to actually reveal care routines, day to day staffing levels. Currently evidence of compliance for on site reviews appears to be prepared in advance and not always reflective of daily practices. The scales are not weighted in advantage of residents and family but more to the facility in these processes.

Questions about complaints

17. Have you made a complaint about a residential aged care service in the last 10 years?

Please select one item
Ticked No

Never made a complaint

25. Please identify why a complaint has not been made.

Please select all that apply
Ticked No reason to make a complaint
Didn't know how to
Too much effort required
Fear of retribution for making a complaint
No confidence in the handling of a complaint
You are welcome to provide further details on your response
I have given feedback to individual facilities but not made a formal complaint. I have sometimes felt that staff agree but are powerless to do anything. No money. Not enough staff. As if expectations are too high given the demands of the elderly on workers.

26. Do you have any suggestions for how complaints handled by the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner could be better handled?

Note: this question is included for organisations and those individuals who have not made a complaint
Somehow investigations into complaints have to get down to the actual care workforce and not management. Complaints shouldn't have to be in writing. Verbal complaints could be transcribed. Serious complaints of abuse, negligence and assault must include police involvement. Individuals and families need support. Facilities have a lot of resources at their disposal. The emotional distress can be significant and the handlling of a complaint conducted face to face wherever possible.

Additional comments

27. Do you have anything else that you would like to contribute to the Review?

Additional comments
My greatest concern is the risk of profit margins and the potential for a two tiered care system. Society needs facilities to exist but our experiences are strongly based in religious and not for profit facilities. The government dependency on private development requires very strong regulation and not the reduction of 'red tape'.